There was a time when for a business to be successful, all they had to do was make a better product and customers would swarm in. And, as long as you kept it this way, you were pretty much sorted. Fast forward to today, and it’s hard to find products that don’t perform.

As much as we like to complain, we live in an era of quality. Basic products have become almost identical in terms of specifications, performance and features. Can we objectively say that OnePlus phones are inferior compared to Apple or Samsung? Is American Express or Citibank far ahead of other banks in terms of the core banking services they offer? You may think about any industry and the story is pretty much the same.

Companies spend billions on research and development, yet making quality products is no longer enough; it’s the absolute minimum. All this money is spent to keep customers barely satisfied.

To survive, companies must move beyond satisfaction to the grey area of customer delight which, paradoxically, is very simple to explain yet very difficult to implement. What is the secret of customer delight and how can you create it?

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Delighting Customers is Free!

Delighting Customers is Free!. Companies spend billions on R&D, yet making quality products is no longer enough; it's the absolute minimum. To survive, they need to dive....